North man scoops top volunteer award

Andy Mohun of Ross Sutherland has been chosen as April’s RBS Club Volunteer of the Month, for his efforts in all aspects of the club from tasks such as cutting the grass to bringing in commercial sponsorship for current and future projects.

He said: “It means a lot to be recognised, you forget you’re putting the work in sometimes, but you’re only part of a team and that is very important.

“It’s the rest of the guys in the community, the coaches, the supporters and very importantly the parents that are part of the chain, every link important, who make the club what it is.

“This award is for Ross Sutherland rugby.”

Mohun, 56, has recently secured a three year deal with local business Cromarty Firth Port Authority, which will provide funding for youth rugby development as well as the community coach, John Mann, employed by the club.

He continued: “We’re working with a lot of the local area funding groups, and we’re currently securing a new project with the Cromarty Firth Port Authority, based here in Invergordon, to try to assist us in our development of community rugby.

“We’re always looking for more help and one of my jobs at the moment is to try to find this funding - we know there will be challenges but we’ll overcome them.

“I think rugby is becoming bigger [in the north of Scotland] and we’re now getting into upwards of 60 schools, primary and secondary, with our community coach.

“It’s building, and I’m glad to see that our membership base is increasing year upon year.”

Mohun, is fully committed to ensuring that the youth sides are able to play each weekend, whether it be completing the odd-jobs on the build-up to a game, or actually coaching the under-16 side.

He said: “Generally, it’s all hands-on during the week to get ready for the weekend, for the under-16s, under-18s and minis to play rugby.

“It can be up to three or four days’ worth of preparation sometimes, and a couple of nights during the week as well.

“There are times where I’ll be cutting the grass, there will be times where I’ll be asked to wash the strips of the under-16s or sometimes actually helping out with coaching, so it varies.”

The club has over 200 registered players in their youth section, coming from arguably one of Scotland’s clubs biggest catchment areas.

Mohun, concluded: “We want to help out in the community bringing the sport on, as it’s a bit of a football area.

“We try to keep rugby to the forefront and make it worth our while, both for ourselves and for the kids, because at the end of the day it’s the youth who are important.

“The area is massive, and getting people across to play and to train is difficult.

“We’re bringing people across from Applecross in the very far west of Scotland to then bus down and, on occasions, get to Aberdeen for a game so it has its difficulties, but it’s worth it as they’re playing good rugby and getting out there to see other people.

“There are challenges there, yet, thankfully, with the corporate help we get from the local area we’ll make it work.”