Governance Review Panel Report

At its May meeting the Scottish Rugby Union Board considered a report from a Governance Review Panel set up by the Board and Scottish Rugby Council earlier in the year. The panel had been requested to review a number of aspects of the union’s governance framework.

A copy of the Panel’s Report and recommendations can be accessed at

The main recommendations are as follows:

• Proposals to change the composition of the Council should first require wider and detailed consultation with member clubs and stakeholders.

• The Presidency and Vice Presidency should each continue to be for a one-year period meantime and any change to that first subject to a further and wider consultation.

• All members and stakeholders should be provided with the opportunity, whether individually or through league or regional fora, to comment as part of that consultation process.

• The President should automatically be Chairman of the Council, and by reason of that, serve on the Board for the period of his or her Presidency.

• If the Vice President has not been elected to the Board, the Vice President should be entitled to attend Board meetings during that year as an observer (formalising current practice)

• In relation to the terms of office of Council members and shortening those periods of office:

  • preservation of the six-year maximum term of office for Council members other than the President and Vice President is fundamental, as is the concept of the three-year periods of office, subject to legitimate changes;


  • some outcomes had been exacerbated by a combination of various rules and Byelaws, leading to results which were in some cases  close to absurd, when considered  against the  backdrop of  the intended three-year terms and maximum six-year periods;


  • provided the maximum period of six-years is retained and that re-election is required after three-years at the latest, the requirement for a maximum of two terms can be removed to reduce the risk of anomalous outcomes;


  • a constituency should be entitled to choose whether or not to retain a Council member as their representative in the event of promotion or relegation of that Council member’s club, without interrupting the appointment but only if the remaining members in that constituency vote to reaffirm the initial appointment;


  • a person elected in succession to a Council member or Council nominated director who has not fulfilled his or her full-term should, subject to the recognised situations, serve for three-years in their own right rather than serving the remainder of the predecessor’s term.

The Panel’s recommendations were supported by the Board. It was decided that the recommended further consultation with stakeholders in relation to the roles and terms of office of the President and Vice-President of the Union should be undertaken during Season 2014/15.

Various resolutions arising from the Panel’s recommendations will be presented to  members for their consideration at the  Union’s Annual General Meeting in August.