Scottish Rugby implement plan to continue to develop home-grown coaches

Scottish Rugby has launched a club and schools strategy that will be implemented in the next two seasons (2014-15 and 2015-16), which has been supported with sportscotland funding.

The strategy outlines key objectives including a revised coaching model, plans for online training resources and amendments for minimum standards for coaches at certain levels.

Through a consultation period from November 2013 to February 2014, Scottish Rugby's coach development department met with coaches, teachers, clubs, schools and universities to establish a clear picture for coach development, and to develop an understanding around what coaches believe to be priority areas. 

Neil Graham, Scottish Rugby's head of coach development, said: "This sphere is a vital ingredient to the success of our game, and we are dedicated to delivering quality qualifications and enhancing age-specific resources to assist coaches to develop their players to their full potential.

Through the process of developing a new coaching strategy, we have been able to secure additional funding from sportscotland to deliver additional UKCC courses. As a result of this additional funding, we are now able to offer double the amount of UKCC level 1 courses than last season.”

The consultation process highlighted several areas for Scottish Rugby to focus on over the coming years:

  1. Amend existing coach development model to ensure it services the needs of the player and therefore drives our Long Term Player Development (LTPD) strategy and accompanying resources.
  2. Increase the workforce tasked with delivering the education and opportunities within the new coaching model.
  3. Commence delivery of updated United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC) endorsed qualifications, and implement minimum coaching qualification standards.
  4. Place an increased focus on delivery of quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities, through coaching workshops and conferences, specific to the age and stage of the players.
  5. Integrate game coaching and refereeing principles into all relevant material and courses, linking to specialist skills activities where appropriate.
  6. Develop an interactive online training resource to support coaches, teachers, referees and other club and school volunteers.
  7. Deliver coach development programmes and courses integrating Positive Coaching Scotland principles throughout.

The full strategy document can be found by clicking here -