Valladolid blog: day 3, rest and recovery

After two days of full-on training, the squad enjoyed a rest day, entering into the spirit of the cultural part of their camp, which forms part of the Erasmus+ funding of the event, as second row Emma Wassell relates:

"Day three here in Valladolid was a rest/recovery day which started with a morning session at the pool  (swimming caps at the ready...) This was followed by an early lunch before setting off to the beautiful Salamanca!

Met by our Spanish tour guide and the pleasant surprise of some sunshine, we headed toward the two cathedrals. The Old Cathedral and Gothic cathedral (which took 220 years to build) were both made from the local sandstone as this was easier to carve, resulting in very intricate designs in the buildings.

Next we headed to Salamanca University, starting at the administration building. The university buildings were very important to the town and were built in 1218, one of the only universities in Spain at the time. After finishing the tour in the main square we separated out to explore, off to find the best coffee shop in the area, and had time to check out the tourist shops!

We then all congregated back in front of the the cathedral before going to dinner  in Salamanca. Then it was back to the hotel in Valladolid, everyone rested and ready for tomorrow's session!"