Valladolid blog: day 4, birthdays and back to basics

It's back to training business for day four as our Scotland Women squad continue their training camp in Valladolid, as stand-off Lisa Martin relates:

"Refreshed and raring to go after our rest day exploring the historical Salamanca, the squad started day four helping Head Coach Shade Munro celebrate his birthday.

After the obligatory song on the bus we got stuck in to the first session of the day, team defence. With outstanding defence being one of our team performance indicators we went about honing the key roles and responsibilities, with Peter Jericevich, that will create and maintain that tartan wall. It was then time for a breakout session, allowing our forwards to work on lineout strategies and backs to work on kicking and exit plays.

After refuelling at lunch, session 2 was all about high level intensity and skill execution under fatigue. With contact drills and games being interspersed with wrestling and running it was a definite mental tester. This all led into 10 vs 10 games, allowing us to put into practise all we've been working on so far, with successes coming in both attack and defence.

To round off the day it was one-to-one meetings with the coaches, to look at the goals each player has for this camp and discuss the work-ons and strengths which each member possesses in their game.

It's all about developing as players both on and off the pitch and creating a winning Scotland Women's team."