Mitsubishi Motors launches new Kit 4 Clubs scheme to support Scottish rugby

Mitsubishi Motors and Scottish Rugby have launched a new Kit 4 Clubs scheme to provide rugby clubs and schools around the country with playing kit and equipment to help develop the game.

The initiative will give rugby clubs and schools across Scotland the chance to earn new playing kit, training equipment and rugby gear in return for their members completing a vehicle appraisal and test drive with their local Mitsubishi Motors dealer.

Scotland Internationalists Sam Hidalgo-Clyne and Hamish Watson were invited to launch the scheme with a special training session for pupils at Trinity Academy in Edinburgh.

The session saw Hidalgo-Clyne and Watson offer advice and tips to the pupils during skills and drills that used the full range of playing kit available on the scheme.

The initiative is open to all full Scottish Rugby member clubs or schools, with an array of equipment available that will support teams for many seasons to come.

Produced by Scottish Rugby partners, Gilbert and Macron, the kit available for clubs and schools to earn includes match shirts, practice bibs, tackle pads, balls and more.

Scotland back-row, Watson, said “The game is in great shape at the moment and this new partnership between Mitsubishi Motors and Scottish Rugby is another sign of progress.

“The more clubs we can equip and schools we can kit out, the more chance we will have of growing the game even further and creating a bright future for Scottish Rugby.”

Lance Bradley, MD of Mitsubishi Motors said, “We are very proud to continue our commitment to supporting grassroots Scottish Rugby.

“The new Kit 4 Clubs scheme will give rugby clubs and schools across Scotland access to the latest playing kit and equipment, which we believe is crucial to increasing participation in the game and developing a strong future for Scottish rugby”

For further information and to find out how your rugby club or school can get involved in the scheme and please visit: