Wilson free to face Ireland

Scotland back-row Ryan Wilson is free to face Ireland in the next round of the NatWest 6 Nations after a disciplinary committee dismissed his citing for alleged foul play.

An independent Citing Commissioner appointed by World Rugby at Scotland's NatWest 6 Nations victory over England at BT Murrayfield cited the player for alleged contact with the eye area of an opponent (Law 9.12) in the 37th minute of the match, however this was not upheld at today's hearing.

The Disciplinary Committee was chaired by Roger Morris (Wales), alongside Phaidra Knight (USA) and Olly Kohn (Wales).

The citing complaint against Wilson was for an alleged act of physical abuse (contact with the eye area of an opponent), an infringement of Law 9.12, in the 37th minute of the match.

He did not accept that he had committed an act of foul play.

The Disciplinary Committee, having viewed the video footage of the incident, considered all of the other evidence and heard representations by and on behalf of the player and Six Nations Rugby, found that the player had committed an act of foul play in that he had made contact (with two of his fingers) with the eye area (i.e. 'anywhere in close proximity to the eye' according to World Rugby's regulation 17) of his opponent.

However, the Disciplinary Committee accepted medical evidence adduced on the player's behalf to the effect that, due to a pre-existing injury, two of his fingers (his fourth and little finger on his right hand) were involuntarily in a bent or hooked position.

The Disciplinary Committee also considered that the contact with the eye area had been reckless (rather than intentional), light and fleeting, and had come about as a result of the player's attempts to grab his opponent's shirt during an off-the-ball scuffle with his opponent Nathan Hughes.

After careful consideration, the Disciplinary Committee did not conclude that the foul play had warranted a red card, and the citing was not upheld.