SDR 23: Player Insurance

1. The Scottish Rugby Union (“Scottish Rugby”) acknowledges that it is obliged to comply with those Regulations Relating to the Game issued from time to time by World Rugby (WR). 

2. Scottish Rugby recognises that the WR has issued a specific Regulation in respect of player Insurance (WR Regulation 23). The Scottish Rugby Board has adopted WR Regulation 23 within Scottish Rugby’s domestic regulations.

3. The Domestic Regulation set out below relates to Player Insurance within Scottish Rugby’s area of jurisdiction. All those within Scottish Rugby’s jurisdiction are required to comply with this Regulation.

Catastrophic Injury Cover

General Requirement

4. No club or team may play contact rugby football (within any the forms of the game recognised by WR) without ensuring that each of its participating players have the benefit of catastrophic injury insurance cover on a basis approved by Scottish Rugby.

5. No club or team may play contact rugby football against a club or team which it knows, or reasonably should have known, does not have in place the insurance cover set out in 4 above.

Approved Cover

6. Other than as noted in 7 and 8 below, it is a mandatory requirement that all Full Member and Associate clubs participate in Scottish Rugby’s Club Accident Insurance Scheme. In accordance with the SRU Bye-Laws, member clubs are required to complete and return a Club Accident Insurance Proposal Form no later than 15 September each year.

7. Armed Services clubs may choose to participate in either the Scottish Rugby Scheme or in the RFU’s personal accident insurance arrangements, but shall be required to notify the Secretary of the SRU in writing by 15 September each season if their club chooses to participate in the RFU scheme.

8. Member clubs based outside Scotland and not participating in the Scottish Rugby’s competition structures shall participate in the personal accident insurance arrangements operated by the club’s primary Union.

Individual Cover for Older Players

9. Prior to selecting any player outwith the upper age limit for full contact rugby under the Club Accident Insurance Scheme, a club must ensure that the player has the benefit of catastrophic injury cover at least equivalent to that available under the Scheme for an equivalent Golden Oldie Player.

10. Schools affiliated to the Scottish Rugby Union shall receive the benefit of Scottish Rugby’s Schools’ Personal Accident Scheme.

Incoming Touring Teams

11. In accordance with SDR 16 Match Approvals and Permission to Tour, it is a precondition for permission to host a tour that the host club/school has ascertained that the visiting team has in place such personal accident and other insurances as may be appropriate.

Additional Requirements in respect of Scottish Contract Players

12. In accordance with SDR 4.1 Player Status and Player Contracts,where the aggregate value of the Benefits provided to a player in any 12 month period exceeds (or is expected to exceed) £12,000, the player shall be regarded as being a Scottish Contract Player.

13. In respect of all Scottish Contract Players the additional insurance requirements of WR Regulation 23 shall apply.

Disciplinary Matters

14. Failure to comply with this Regulation shall be an offence subject to potential disciplinary proceedings.

15. Any disciplinary procedures arising under the Regulation shall be conducted in accordance with the Misconduct procedures set out within Scottish Rugby’s Rules for Disciplinary Procedures.