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Good practice and success stories of clubs across Scotland benefiting from PCS

Sharing Best Practice at the PCS Seminar


BT Murrayfield hosted the annual Positive Coaching Scotland Seminar on Saturday 2 April. There were representatives from across Scotland including PCS clubs, clubs working towards PCS as well as those interested in what the programme has to offer. Here they engaged in discussions, problem solved and shared best practice.  

Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Working together better
  • Developing the (right) environment
  • Troubleshooting common problems
  • Getting more girls at your club
  • Transition planning for players

This is very encouraging for the development of PCS going forward and we hope to share the best practice and suggestions via our new online training hub (coming soon).

It is more than just winning at Lismore RFC


A club that truly epitomises what PCS is all about is Lismore RFC, in the South of Edinburgh. They have truly utilised the power of rugby to develop people on and off the field. With their development team working in all aspects of the community, they affect over 2500 children with positive experiences, developing their physical and mental wellbeing. This is PCS in the wider sense in full glory, giving everyone an opportunity to flourish regardless of whether they are a member of the club, the next internationalist or just someone needing to take out the frustrations of everyday life on the rugby field. Developing important things like confidence, resilience and self-worth in the individuals they work with through a variety of rugby initiatives. The video is a touch of creativeness that really hammers home the amazing work they do. We could all show off the impact we have on children’s lives, no matter how small.

Caithness RFC are loud and proud about PCS


Caithness RFC are visually promoting the fact that they are a PCS club. In their community facility, they want everyone to know their PCS values and mantra. By displaying this in plain view there is no hiding from what they are trying to achieve as it is a constant reminder for all involved. This also keeps the message fresh for all players and parents, as they are in the clubhouse, it becomes a talking point as well as looking great. PCS also features heavily on their website for all to see, www.pitchero.com/clubs/caithnessrugbyfootballclub/

By taking this approach the club hopes that they can attract new young players to the club by showing the parents the values and benefits of growing and developing in a rugby community. They want to show the region of Caithness that they lead the way in shaping people on and off the field to create a successful rugby environment. They are also working with a local artist to produce a painting depicting PCS at Caithness RFC, we hope to show you this creative way to spread the word very soon.

Pebbles Piranhas RFC Keep it Fresh


Peebles RFC are well into their second year post accreditation and their mini section, the Piranhas, have decided to re-invigorate their PCS messages. A letter went out to all the parents and asked them to engage with a short SurveyMonkey with their children and discuss some of the PCS values, thus ensuring that both players and parents help the coaches keep the values at the forefront of what they are trying to achieve at the club. Neil Clark writes

"3 years on since receiving accreditation, we continue to ensure the values identified as being important continue to infuse our coaching today. From shaking hands with team mates and coaches, to involving children in learning during training sessions, to clapping each other off the pitch after training, to helping the coaches to tidy up after practice the principles continue. As coaches we remain committed to the ‘One Club’ values of enjoying rugby, developing the children to have the skills to compete and achieve to be the best they can be."

Click here for an example questionnaire


Murrayfield Wanderers RFC Utilise PCS to Galvanise Club


Murrayfield Wanderers RFC took the chance of developing the culture to bring all the sections of the club together to share in the common goal and vision. Using the social media handle of 'Proud To Be A Wanderer' (#PTBAW) they have seen the benefit of greater engagement of volunteers, player and parental engagement. This resulted in several well attended events driving not just revenue, but a culture of ‘One Club’. They are now reaping the benefits of larger numbers of players at mini and youth sections along with an engagement of people in the club at all levels whom had drifted away in the past.

See some of MWRFC journey in this latest video from The Winning Scotland Foundation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Htxz13Q37A


The PCS Culture at Gairoch RFC Spills Out to the Community

  Gairoch RFC had a different approach, using the PCS programme to drive an improvement to their facilities. Thus showing again how building a culture of everyone chipping in can benefit the environment around us. The club have engaged a large number of people by ensuring they have a welcoming and first class facility, which has built a real community feel and a successful club. With the adverse weather we have been experiencing recently, local North East communities have been hit hard by the flooding and the club put out the call to action to show their community spirit. Gairoch utilise their PCS culture to reach out to these communities and show how rugby (and the muscular, athletic people we have) can get their hands dirty to clear up after the floods. Local clubs Moray, Dyce and Ellon RFC were also in attendance at this clear up. Gairoch have really lived up to their slogan #GetBehindGairoch and now the local community look favourably on the rugby club.


Perthshire RFC Shows Creativity to Engage the Community

  Perthshire RFC have being utilising their creativity for this seasons recruitment video, more so they are engaging in their local community to show the rugby club as a leading light for not just sport but also the social side of things. Their PCS journey has led them to realise that engagement with the wider community and sharing of best practices and expertise is the way forward. Their partnership work currently in place ensures the sustainability of what they have set out to achieve. Perthshire RFC have set out to be pro-active in maximising resources to aid in their club’s development. This means they have looked into the local community to get help they need but they have also reached out to them to offer their help from expertise they have in their club. Strong partnerships have been forged with the local schools and other sports clubs which only serves to benefit all of Perthshire’s young sports stars.


Scottish Rugby has a specially trained team to work with the roll out of the clubs programme, bringing a width and depth of experience from different aspects of the game.

Please contact Gordon Lyon, Coach Development Officer: Positive Coaching Scotland (Email: [email protected] | Tel: 07794 623373) should you have any questions.


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