Annual General Meeting 2017

Scottish Rugby’s 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held at BT Murrayfield on Saturday 5th August 2017.

Letters to Member Clubs


The agenda for the meeting and a note explaining the procedure at the meeting are set out below.

Motions to be Considered

The following Motions have been proposed for consideration at the 2017 AGM:

The Motions are being proposed by the Board and Council and arise from recommendations made by the Governance Working Party. These are set out in it's Report for 2016/17:

President and Vice President

Further to their election at the 2016 AGM Rob Flockhart (President) and Dee Bradbury (Vice President) will continue in office for 2017/18. 

Vacancies on the Scottish Rugby Council

Each year a number of vacancies arise on the Scottish Rugby Council. The role description in respect of a Council Representative is as follows:

This year the vacancies are as follows:

Premiership, National 1, National 2 and National 3 Representatives

The current term in office of the Council Members from the above constituencies will come to an end at the 2017 AGM. Elections will be held by the respective Club Forums to fill the positions. The Election Rules in respect of these positions are as follows:

The Premiership Forum has re-elected Peter Laverie to serve on Council for a further two years.

The National 1 Forum has elected Colin Rigby to succeed Doug Ward for 2017/18 onwards. A copy of Colin’s rugby CV is noted below:

The National 2 Forum has re-elected Graeme Scott to serve on Council for a further three years.The National 3 Forum has elected Andy Little to succeed Ian Barr for 2017/18 onwards. A copy of Andy’s rugby CV is noted below:

Scottish Exile Club Representative

Nominations are being sought in respect of the position of Scottish Exile Club Representative on Council. To be eligible to stand for election you must be nominated by a member club whose home ground is situated outside Scotland (being a club which is not otherwise currently represented on Council). Currently there are four such clubs: London Scottish FC, Hong Kong Scottish RFC, Toronto Scottish RFC and Crags Crusaders RFC.

One nomination was recieved in respect of the position (Paul Burnell, London Scottish). This nomation was subsequently withdrawn in the light of the recommendations within the Governance Working Party Report.

Championship Report

The 2016/17 Championship Report will be approved at the meeting:

Minute of 2016 AGM and 2016 SGM

The draft Minutes of the 2016 AGM and the 2016 SGM are available below. Any comments on the draft Minutes should be submitted to Scottish Rugby’s Head of Regulation, Graham Ireland ([email protected]).