World Rugby Strength & Conditioning Level 2

World Rugby Level 2: Strength & Conditioning

This course is designed to build on the knowledge, understanding and practical application acquired from the World Rugby Strength & Conditioning Level 1. Its aim is to further prepare strength and conditioning coaches to demonstrate their application of more advanced strength and conditioning techniques, which in turn will facilitate coaches to prepare players more thoroughly to play Rugby Union.

Course Cost: £150 / £500


The Level 2 course will cover the following eight key modules:

  • Long term player development
  • Demands of the game
  • Profile of players
  • Functional screening
  • Resistance training
  • Speed and agility training
  • Integrated game conditioning
  • Periodisation

The Level 2 course will expand on the strength and conditioning content and practices of the Level 1 S&C course. The modules addressed will seek to advance the coach’s knowledge and understanding of the principles underpinning Strength and Conditioning for the Rugby player as well as enhancing the practical competencies to deliver an eight week periodised programme.

Course Outcomes

  • Describe the 10 key principles that under pin Long Term Player Development Pathway and have an understanding of Peak Height Velocity and the developmental age of a player
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the physical, physiological and time-motion demands of the sevens game
  • Complete a number of Functional Screens on a rugby player and prescribe some corrective exercises.
  • Articulate the potential benefits and limitations of using the Olympic style lifts in the power programming of the player
  • Coach the Olympic style lifts and derivatives
  • Plan and deliver a conditioning session with progressions for different stages of development
  • Demonstrate safe strength & conditioning coaching of all elements of fitness
  • Plan and coach numerous speed, agility and plyometric exercises into the training programme of the player
  • Prescribe and manage a range of integrated conditioning modes of training to advance the specific fitness of players
  • Complete an 8 week periodised plan and review


Completion of online pre-requisites and full attendance required. This course is competence based and involves on-course appraisal. It involves both classroom and outdoor practical activities, where coaches will be expected to participate fully in all sessions. 


Scottish Rugby is able to subsidise the course cost for those coaches and teachers working within our member and associate clubs and schools to grow the game at a price of £150. If you do not coach with one of our member clubs and schools then you must pay the unsubsidised price of £500.

Courses 2018/19

This is a national course held once a year. 



Candidates are required to be 18 years of age or over before they can be registered for qualification. They must also provide evidence of having completed the following:Prerequisites

Recommended Prior Learning

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