Open Consultations

The following Consultations are currently open for response:

Women's Competition Regulations 2019

Comments and proposals are invited in respect of the women's competition regulations to be used during the 2019 season. Proposals should be based on the draft regulations below:

Any comments should be sent to Graham Ireland, Head of Regulation ([email protected]), no later than 21 January 2019.


Consultations in 2018

The following Surveys are now closed:

  • Supplemental Survey - National and Regional Rugby Structures;
  • Survey - Domestic League Structure 2019/20;
  • Survey - Provision of Payments / Material Benefits to Club Players;

The following consultations are now closed:

  • Illicit Drugs Policy (Stage 2);
  • Pregnancy and Rugby Policy;
  • Adult Rugby National Competition Rules 2018/19;
  • Schools & Youth Rugby National Competition Rules 2018/19;
  • Disciplinary Rules 2018/19; and
  • Illicit Drugs Policy (Stage 1).

Scottish Rugby would like to thank all those who participated each of the above surveys/consultations for their input.