RugbyRight Activate Warm-up Routine

The RugbyRight Activate Warm-up Routine is a programme of movement specific warm ups that have been proven to reduce injury in youth rugby players (aged 13-18) by up to 72% and concussions by up to 59%, if followed and performed at least 3 times per week. Please click here to view the full research study undertaken by the Univeristy of Bath and the RFU.

To minimise the risk of injury whilst playing rugby, the study recommends that players complete the exercises at least 3 times per week: before two training sessions and a game.

The programme is written in 5 phases. Each phase should be delivered for approximately 6 weeks, but is flexible depending on how competent players are at completing the movements. If/when players become competent at a phase, they can be progress onto the next phase which will furhter develop their physical competence.

Coaches should be innovative to ensure each phase of exercises are enjoyable and integragted with a ball to develop core handling skills. If the training session which follows this warm-up is to include contact, then additional contact based warm-up activities should be integrated (e.g. wrestling activities). This should also be the case for a match day warm-up routine.

Thank you to the University of Bath and the RFU for their work in this field and their permissions for us to use the material.

Phase 1

Download the phase 1 resource here


Phase 2

Download the phase 2 resource here 


Phase 3

Download the phase 3 resource here


Phase 4

Download the phase 4 resource here 


Phase 5

Download the phase 5 resource here 


Match Days

The warm up on Matchday’s is the same but SHOULD NOT include 

  • Bent Hip Nordic Curl

  • Isometric Nordic Hold