Age Banding

Age Banding

Youth rugby begins at under 9s and ends at Under 18s. For safety and to allow young players to develop in the best environment within clubs and schools young players should be training and competing with others of the same age and physical maturity. Therefore, the youth game is divided up by the age of the players involved (age-grade rugby) with associated law variations. Regulations specify the age grades within which children should be grouped for training and playing. The rules are different for male and female players where physical maturity rates, levels of experience and playing numbers vary. The grades are selected to minimise disparities in physical maturity and experience, while allowing meaningful player development to take place.

As part of the clearance process players parents are required to register them on SCRUMS as this will allow us to update their player profile to enable the club to add them to the match team sheet.

Guidance for parents can be found here

220 by 140 220 by 140 220 by 140

Male U18 - Adult Rugby Age Banding


Male U16 – U18 Rugby Age Banding 

 Female Rugby Age Banding
 220 by 140 220 by 140  

Dispensation to play in a younger age grade

 Schools & Youth Rugby Age Banding