Positive Coaching Scotland Programme

Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) Programme 

The Positive Coaching Scotland Programme operates as a partnership between sportscotland, the Winning Scotland Foundation and Scottish Rugby and has the main aims to develop players on and off the field by:

  • Developing coaches and teachers to have a mastery approach to coaching.
  • Developing coaches, teachers and parents to create a positive learning environment for players
  • Developing a culture that transcends all elements of rugby.

The new PCS Programme for both clubs and schools has be titled ‘The Bill McLaren Rugby Programme’ in recognition of how Bill McLaren championed the culture, values and ethos that rugby can bring to each individual involved. Bill demonstrated a passion for rugby that was contagious and we hope to inspire all involved in Scottish Rugby through his messages in the programme.

Over 50 clubs across Scotland are engaged in this programme, including Ellon RFC:

The shared values we have identified are not only true to rugby here at Ellon but also teach life skills to the players and coaches. We want everybody involved to be the best that they can be both in rugby and in life. The ethos created from the PCS work provides us with an excellent tool to achieve.

Gareth Kemp, PCS Programme Leader at Ellon RFC

This programme forms part of sportscotland’s national roll-out of the Positive Coaching Scotland programme through governing bodies and local authorities.

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Scottish Rugby has a specially trained team to work with the roll out of the clubs programme, bringing a width and depth of experience from different aspects of the game.

Please contact Gordon Lyon, Coach Development Officer: Positive Coaching Scotland (Email: [email protected] | Tel: 07794 623373) should you have any questions.


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