Well organised clubs are well run and supported by local communities and members using appropriate and current policies, procedures and practices.

This section provides useful information that will help with the efficient and sustainable running of clubs.

Club Legal & Charity Structure

Club Legal & Charity Structure Guidance (PDF)

Sources of Affordable Legal Advice (PDF)

Role Descriptors

Policy Guidance

Club Alcohol Licensing Information (PDF)

Data Protection Guidance (PDF)

Health & Safety Policy Guidance (PDF)

Health & Safety Volunteer Guidance (PDF)

Health & Safety Accident & Incident Reporting Guidance (PDF)

Health & Safety Risk Assessment Template (DOC)

Health & Safety Fire Risk Assessment Template (DOC)

Health & Safety Pre-event Checklist Template (DOC)

Health & Safety Premises Checklist Template (DOC)

Health & Safety Touring Teams Risk Assessment Template (DOC)

Injury Management

Social Media Guidance (PDF)

Child Protection 

Human Resource Employment Guidance (PDF)

Code of Conduct

Scottish Rugby Code of Conduct (PDF)




Values & Ethos

Positive Coaching Scotland

VIDEO | Newton Stewart | Scottish Rugby Club Conference 2017

Key learnings from Newton Stewart on creating a club culture is at the club ethos is made clear to all involved, with members aware and buying in to the club’s vision and mission. The club is fully engaged with and part of the local community, and remains engaged with ex-players and members. There’s good communication throughout the entire club and players are involved in club matters, by taking ownership on certain matters and brought onto the committee at an early stage. The club adopts a ‘one club’ approach.