Positive Coaching Scotland Clubs Programme


Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) Clubs Programme

The PCS Programme for clubs is a cultural development model to ensure that the club is creating the right environment for its players, coaches and members to have the opportunity to develop and enjoy rugby.

By engaging in the programme we hope to help clubs achieve -


PCS aims to do this by looking at the following themes of the clubs culture and structure -




Mission Statements

The club produces and uses a mission statement which outlines what they aim to achieve, this will be supported by identifying the ethos of the club and the core values it portrays day in day out.


Workshops will be delivered to Club leaders, Coaches, Players and Parents. 

Critical Mass Engaged

The Majority of your club need to be engaged in the PCS process, this may be in the form of surveys or attendance to PCS workshops at the club.


Coaching is at the heart of the accreditation with the development of Mastery Coaching to create the environment for players to flourish and reach their own personal best.

Match and Training Policies

We look at ways that you can create the most positive environment for everyone involved with rugby activities at the club from coaches and players to referees and visiting teams. Valuing the volunteer contribution to clubs running smoothly is a massive part of this.

PCS Communications

The way the club communicates is essential to have a smooth running club and positive environment engaging all.

PCS Materials

We will be looking for the club to spread the word of PCS and use it as a tool to generate interest in the club, everything from new members to gaining sponsorship.

PCS Champions

The club must have people in place that can ‘champion’ the programme in their club and community. This is to ensure the sustainability of the programme in the club as new people come in.


Scottish Rugby has a specially trained team to work with the roll out of the clubs programme, bringing a width and depth of experience from different aspects of the game.

Please contact Gordon Lyon, Coach Development Officer: Positive Coaching Scotland (Email: [email protected] | Tel: 07794 623373) should you have any questions.


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