Positive Coaching Scotland Schools Programme

Positive Coaching Scotland Schools Programme

The PCS Programme in schools is a workshop based approach to target Players, Parents and Coaches of school rugby teams.

Each of the workshops will be tailored towards each specific group, but will cover the same themes that influence the player’s development on and off the field.

MindsetDeveloping a Growth Mindset is key to creating players that have the desire to continually improve and challenge themselves. The programme will help the key influencers nurture this kind of mindset in our players.
Mastery CoachingWe will work with coaches to help develop their approach to coaching. Mastery coaching is about becoming process over outcome orientated. This helps to develop players to master the skills of rugby, thus increasing the chance of success.
Creating a Positive EnvironmentThe environment that allows the players to develop is key. There must be a mixture of challenge and support coming from all the key influencers to create the correct environment.
Codes of ConductDeveloping codes of conduct around training and match days are important to install not just respect and rugby culture, but also the soft skills essential in development of young people. Skills including responsibility, leadership, punctuality and communication that are learned on the pitch, help to develop individuals off the pitch.
RespectEnsuring that respect remains a massive part of the rugby culture we will look at the areas of respecting the Laws, opponents, officials, teammates and their self.
Resilience and ConfidenceAs players are growing and travelling along their rugby journey, they will face many challenges and setbacks on and off the pitch. Participating in a competitive contact sport will help develop confidence and the experience of winning and losing along with the other challenges involved in rugby will help develop resilient individuals.
Triple Impact PlayersThis looks at ways in which players can improve their self, their teammates and the game of rugby. We want each player to achieve their individual potential, thus improving the overall competition at youth rugby.


Scottish Rugby has a specially trained team to work with the roll out of the clubs programme, bringing a width and depth of experience from different aspects of the game.

Please contact Gordon Lyon, Coach Development Officer: Positive Coaching Scotland (Email: [email protected] | Tel: 07794 623373) should you have any questions.


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