Anti-Doping - Therapeutic Use Exemptions

The Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) process is a means by which a player can obtain approval to use a prescribed prohibited substance or method for the treatment of a legitimate medical condition.

Players should advise all medical personnel (GPs, Team Doctors) of their obligation to abide by the anti-doping rules of their sport and that any medical treatment received must not violate these rules.

When prescribed a substance or method, players should find out whether the medication is prohibited by checking the Global DRO site. If the medication is not prohibited, players can start using the prescribed medication or treatment.

A TUE is required for players at the following levels of competition: 

1. Players in UK Anti-Doping’s National Registered Testing Pool
2. Scotland Men’s Squads (Senior XV, Scotland A, Sevens, U20s)
3. Scotland Women & Scotland Women 7s
4. Pro14 League teams
5. BT Premiership

International Players prior to their participation in any International Match or International Tournament organised by World Rugby must obtain a TUE from World Rugby’s TUE Committee in advance of the administration of the Prohibited Substance

TUEs for all other level should be submitted to UK Anti-Doping for review. Only in emergency situations (e.g. allergic reaction, exacerbation of asthma, onset of bell’s palsy) should treatment begin without TUE approval.

A player not required to apply for a TUE prior to competition can make a retroactive TUE application to UK Anti-Doping. Any player requiring a retroactive TUE has five days post the receipt of an adverse analytical finding (AAF) to submit a retroactive application. Typically, a player will receive a letter from UKAD informing them of the requirements to apply for a retroactive TUE for the prohibited substance detected in their sample. Scottish Rugby or UKAD may also contact the player to make them aware that this correspondence is on its way, in relevant circumstances.

We encourage any player who has been tested, without a TUE in place who may require one, to contact UKAD to discuss the process to better understand their rights and responsibilities. Even if a player is eligible to apply for a retrospective TUE, checks should be made with the prescribing physician that the criteria and medical evidence needed by the Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee (TUEC) can be met before the player uses any prohibited substance or method.

Details on the Therapeutic Use Exemption process can be found via the below link.