Recruitment of volunteers and PVG checks



Scottish Rugby is committed to ensuring there are safe recruitment and selection procedures in place for the protection of children, young people and adults at risk participating in rugby.

All Clubs share that common goal of ensuring that robust child protection procedures are in place to allow children to enjoy their sport at whatever level they wish to play.

All roles employed by Scottish Rugby go through a thorough recruitment process including the necessary disclosure checks depending upon their role. Training is overseen by the HR Department.

For Clubs, we recommend that a similarly robust process is put in place that ensures that PVG checks are carried out as part of your recruitment. Scottish Rugby acts as an umbrella organisation for clubs in PVG processing and your Club CPO should liaise with our PVG administrator Kathleen Munroe on this matter.

Governance/PVG Administrator Kathleen Munroe
Email:     [email protected]
Direct Dial:0131 346 5102
Mobile:07753 898994


Our recommended process for clubs is as follows:


Recruitment and Selection

[CLUB NAME] uses an effective ‘recruitment and selection’ procedure to make sure new staff/volunteers have been carefully considered and vetted to do regulated work with children.  These processes are overseen by [INSERT RESPONSIBLE PERSON HERE].

Organisations have a legal and moral duty to ensure that adults who work with children are ‘suitable’ to do so. A well-run recruitment process is all part of an organisation’s commitment to putting the welfare of children first. A robust process also prevents those who are barred from regulated work with children from doing so.

The following roles are accepted by Disclosure Scotland as falling within the category of ‘regulated work’ :

  • Youth Rugby Coach
  • Youth Rugby Manager
  • Child Protection Officer – Advising Children
  • Youth Rugby Physio/Medic
  • Youth Coaching Supervisor
  • Regional Development Manager
  • Club Development Officers
  • Regional Academy Coach
  • Head of Player Development
  • Head of Coaching Development
  • National Child Protection/Welfare Manager - Contact with Children
  • Education Manager

[CLUB NAME] will take all reasonable steps to ensure unsuitable people are prevented from undertaking regulated work with children in rugby. Further, we recognise that we have a legal duty under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 to ensure that individuals who are barred from regulated work with children are not engaged (either paid or unpaid) in regulated work with children.

1.              Advertising

All forms of advertising used to recruit and select staff/volunteers for regulated work with children will include the following:

  • Details of [CLUB NAME] stance on child protection. A statement that the position applied for is regulated work with children and will require PVG Scheme membership.


2.              Pre-application Information

Pre-application information for these positions will be sent to applicants and will include:


Evidence of qualifications will always be verified.

3.              Application and Self-Declaration Form

All applicants will be requested to complete a self-declaration form. The application form will include referee contact details. The self-declaration form, which shall include information on any past criminal behaviour, records or investigations, shall be requested in a separate sealed envelope and will not be opened until the applicant is selected for an interview. This form will only be seen by those directly involved in the selection process. If the applicant is not selected the form will be destroyed.

4.              Review Applications


[CLUB NAME]  will review application forms and consider applicants for interview. Self-declaration forms of those deemed suitable for interview will then be opened and considered. If the applicant is no longer an interview candidate, the self-declaration form must be destroyed. Successful applicants will be invited to interview.

5.              Interview

Interviews will be carried out for all OFFICIAL/PAID  positions which are regulated work with children.

6.              Offer of Position

Once a decision has been made and an offer of appointment accepted the applicant’s appointment will only be confirmed when:

  • satisfactory references have been received and checked
  • a satisfactory Scheme Record/Scheme Record Update has been received.

7.              References

References will always be requested and thoroughly checked. Where possible at least one of these references will be from an employer or a voluntary organisation where the position required working with children. References from relatives will not be accepted. If the applicant has no experience of working with children, specific training requirements will be agreed before their appointment commences.

8.              Membership of the PVG Scheme

Individuals carrying out regulated work with children on behalf of [CLUB NAME] must be members of the PVG Scheme. We will require the successful applicant to submit a Scheme Record/Scheme Record Update application which will be returned to and processed by the club Child Protection Officer.

Scottish Rugby is registered with CRBS and acts as an umbrella body for clubs wishing to check applicants for regulated work with children as volunteers. A successful applicant will be required to submit a Scheme Record/Scheme Record Update application which will be returned processed by the PVG administrator. Scheme record certificates are returned to the Lead Officer for Child Protection and Welfare and any relevant areas for concern will be shared with the Club CPO and an action plan agreed.

It remains the responsibility of the organisation making the appointment to take the final decision on whether to proceed with the appointment.
Overseas Applicants

Applicants from overseas being appointed to regulated work with children are required to join the PVG Scheme.

Applicants from overseas will be asked to provide a police check from their relevant country where possible. Where this is not possible, or in addition to the police check, the following information, where relevant to the position, may be requested:

  • A statement from the governing body in the country of origin of the applicant and/or the country from which they are transferring in regard to their participation and suitability for the position.
  • A statement from the international federation of the sport in regard to their participation and suitability for the position.

9.              Induction

After the applicant accepts post, the induction process will include the following:

  • Clarification, agreement and signing up to the Child Protection Policy and procedures, including the Code of Conduct.

10.           Training

Newly appointed staff/volunteers in regulated work with children should complete recommended training over an agreed period. See ‘recommended training’.


12.           Monitoring and Performance Appraisal

All staff in positions of regulated work with children should be monitored and their performance appraised.  This will provide an opportunity to evaluate progress, set new goals, identify training needs and address any concerns of poor practice.

14.           New vetting information on PVG Scheme Records

If new vetting information becomes available, either through retrospective checks of existing members of staff/volunteers or an ongoing suitability process, it is important to consider this information alongside a newly completed self-declaration form to assess any risks.

Should any risk be identified, it will then be necessary to follow the club’sResponding to Concerns procedures about the Conduct of a Member of Staff/Volunteers and/or Disciplinary Procedures. 

15.           Consideration for Children’s List or Barred Individuals

If Disclosure Scotland inform Scottish Rugby that an individual is barred, that member of staff/volunteer will be removed by the club from regulated work with children immediately in line with the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 duties for organisations. 

If Disclosure Scotland notify Scottish Rugby that a member of staff/volunteer is considered for listing that individual will be suspended by the club as a precaution until the outcome of the case is determined. Remember that suspension is not a form of disciplinary action and does not involve pre-judgment. In all cases of suspension the welfare of children will be the paramount concern. 

16.           PVG Scheme Member leaves Scottish Rugby

[CLUB NAME]  will update Scottish Rugby of PVG Scheme members who are no longer in regulated work with children on behalf of the organisation. Should a member of staff/volunteer not be in contact with [CLUB NAME] for up to three months, Scottish Rugby should be notified that the individual is no longer in regulated work with children within the club.