Personal Accident Insurance: Scottish Rugby’s Regulation

Serious injuries are thankfully very rare within Scottish rugby. However, as part of our duty of care to our players, Scottish Rugby has determined that all those playing within Scotland must be provided with appropriate catastrophic injury insurance cover whilst playing. The specific requirements for player insurance are set out within Scottish Domestic Regulation 23, Player Insurance (“SDR 23”). SDR 23 builds on World Rugby’s Regulation 23 on Insurance. 

SDR 23 : Player Insurance
World Rugby Regulations Handbook

Club Accident Insurance Scheme

Other than in the very limited circumstances set out in SDR 23, it is compulsory for all member clubs to participate in Scottish Rugby’s Club Accident Insurance Scheme. Under the Scheme clubs are required to return an insurance Proposal Form to the Union by 15 September each year. Failure to meet this deadline may lead to the club being suspended from playing or training, and ultimately being removed from membership of the Union. The key club documents in relation to the Scheme are:

The Scheme provides free catastrophic injury cover to those playing for an insured team. In addition Scottish Rugby strongly recommends that all clubs (a) discuss with their players whether the optional temporary injury cover should be taken out by the club; and (b) recommend to their players that they each consider whether, in their personal circumstances, they should be making further insurance provision for themselves.

Schools’ Personal Accident Insurance Scheme

All schools affiliated to Scottish Rugby benefit from Scottish Rugby’s Schools’ Personal Accident Scheme. There is no requirement for the affiliated school to return a proposal form or to declare the number of teams requiring to be covered. Catastrophic injury cover is automatic for affiliated schools.

Schools’ Personal Accident Insurance Summary

Single Game Insurance Cover

In accordance with SDR 16 Match and Tour Approvals,games involving “scratch teams” are only permitted with the prior written approval of Scottish Rugby. One of the key requirements for approval is that any scratch team has in place appropriate insurance cover. Cover can be effected by submitting a single match Proposal Form together with the appropriate remittance.

Single Match Personal Accident Proposal Form

Paid Players

Member clubs are specifically reminded that additional insurance requirements may exist where they are paying players. These can range from the need to amend their Employers and Public Liability cover to recognise their professional/semi-professional players through to the specific additional player insurance requirements set out in WR Regulation 23. Scottish Rugby recommends that all clubs paying or providing material benefits to any player discuss their potential additional insurance obligations with their insurance adviser.

Public Liability Insurance

Scottish Rugby assists member clubs and match officials in relation to the "rugby risk" associated with the game. For further details please see:

Public Liability Insurance - Member Clubs
Public Liability Insurance - Match Officials

Please Note: Clubs should make appropriate arrangements in relation to their non-rugby Public Liability risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Player insurance can be a complex area. To assist those involved in our game we have prepared a quick summary of Frequently Asked Questions.

Player Insurance : Frequently Asked Questions

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