Dual Registration

Dual Registration

If you are a full time student or serving full time with your country’s armed forces you may be eligible to apply for Dual Registration. This will allow you to play in either of the Unions (subject to their domestic competition regulations) depending where you are at any given time.

Please note:

1. You will require to submit your Dual Registration request to your current Union. It is likely that they will have a form for this purpose on their website.

Scottish Rugby's Dual Registration application form

In Scotland, the completed application should be submitted to Scottish Rugby’s Legal & Governance Department (email to [email protected]).

2. Your primary Union will then complete the Form and send to the secondary Union, who will then provide a copy of your Dual Registration form to your club in that Union.

3. The maximum duration of a Dual Registration is 12 months. A further application will be required after this date.

Further Help

If you can't find the information you're looking for, have a specific query or wish assistance with an International Clearance please email [email protected] .