Players looking to move from Scotland

International Clearance: Players looking to move from Scotland

If you are currently registered in Scotland and are planning to play elsewhere (including returning to the Union you were with before you came to Scotland) you will need to be cleared out of Scotland and into your new Union. In order to do this:

1. Please complete our Application for Clearance to Play within another Union form. You will need to get the person responsible for administration at your current club to sign the “Declaration on behalf of Club” on the Form. 

Download application form

2. Ensure that the Form is then forwarded to our Legal & Governance Department (email to [email protected]). You can either do this yourself or ask your current club to do so (in which case we recommend that you ask to be copied in).

3. We will review the Form to ensure that there is no contractual dispute between you and your club. We will also check your disciplinary record to ensure that you are not under any disciplinary suspension with more than five weeks still to be served.

4. If all is in order we will clear you out of Scotland and then email a copy of the Form to your new Union in order that you can be cleared in to that country.

Please note that we receive a considerable number of requests for clearance at the end of the Scottish domestic season. Whilst we will do our best to process your application as quickly as possible, applicants are recommended to plan accordingly.

Personal Accident Insurance

When you leave Scotland to play elsewhere you will cease to be covered under Scottish Rugby’s Club Accident Insurance Scheme. All Scottish players planning to play outwith Scotland are advised to research the insurance arrangements in their new Union. Please note in particular that the value of the catastrophic injury benefit provided in some Unions is significantly less than that provided in Scotland. In addition, in some countries injured players will be required to pay for any medical treatment they receive.

It is strongly recommended that all players seeking to play outwith Scotland ensure that they hold appropriate personal accident and medical insurance before travelling. 

Further Help

If you can't find the information you're looking for, have a specific query or wish assistance with an International Clearance please email [email protected]