Permission to Go on Tour

If your club or school is planning to play rugby outside Scotland you will need to obtain the permission of both Scottish Rugby and the Union you are visiting. The steps in this process are as follows:

  1. Complete the Permission to Tour Form
  2. If your tour involves any player under the age of 18, ask the club you are visiting for any age related rules/law variations operating in that Union. For player welfare and insurance reasons we will only approve tours played under comparable rules / laws to those under our own AYRTPR rules. If you wish to discuss our age banding policies please contact Shona Stott: [email protected] or phone 0131 346 5155.
  3. Prior to approving any age grade tour we will require written confirmation that any matches on tour will either be under:

    (i) Local variations which are acceptable to Scottish Rugby; or that they
    (ii)  Will be played under Scottish AYRTPR rules.

  4. You should submit your completed Permission to Tour Form to the Legal & Governance Department at Murrayfield.
  5. On receipt of the Form we will review it and, providing everything is in order, we will officially stamp it and electronically pass it to the other Union(s) for their own approval.
  6. Once we have received approval from the other Union(s) we will email a copy of the approved Form and a covering letter to the Secretary of your club.
  7. Your Club Secretary should retain a copy of the correspondence for the club’s own records and should also provide a hard copy for the Tour manager to take with them.

Please note that at certain times of year we receive a considerable number of Tour approval and similar requests. Whilst we will do our best to process your application as quickly as possible, applicants are recommended to plan accordingly.

Further Help

If you can't find the information you're looking for, have a specific query or wish assistance with the processing of your Permission to Tour request please contact Kathleen Munroe at [email protected] or phone 0131 346 5102.