Player Status and Contracts FAQs

Who is covered by the Regulation?  

The Regulation relates only to players – it does not relate to coaches, referees, administrators or others.

Why are we required to register player contracts?

This is required under World Rugby's Regulations.

Are we required to register all player contracts?  

No. A club is only required to register contracts where the value (which includes any salary, match fee, bonus and certain expense payments) is expected to exceed £12,000. You may choose to register contracts below this level.

Why is registering the contract useful to our club?  

There are two main benefits:

  • Player Disputes : If you are in dispute with a player from another Union we may be able to delay their ability to play elsewhere until the dispute is resolved;
  • “Tapping Up” : Your players under contract should not be approached by another club until there is less than 6 months remaining on their contract.

Can’t we simply employ the player in another capacity (e.g. as a Development Officer)?  

This will be determined by the facts. If the individual is undertaking additional duties and is being remunerated for those duties at the appropriate rate for the job then this should be OK : the contract need not be registered. You will need to ensure that any overseas player has the requisite UK entrance requirements to enable him to work in this capacity.

Can we pay the player in a second capacity to bring him below £12,000 limit?

This will again be determined by the facts of the case – is he actually performing duties for you and (if so) is he being paid at an appropriate rate?

What are the consequences if we fail to register a contract?  

The Discipline Manager may decide to initiate misconduct proceedings against you and / or your club.

Is there anything else to note?  

Yes, please remember that if you are bringing in a player:

  • You will have to comply with the appropriate legislative requirements e.g.
    • The player must have the requisite UK Borders Agency entrance requirements/visa to perform his duties. This may involve applying for a Governing Body Endorsement; and
    • Any payment to the player must comply with HMRC’s requirements.
  • You will need to apply for international clearance (see the Scottish Rugby website); and

Any Further Questions? Please contact Richard McGhee at [email protected] or phone 0131 346 5029.