School & Youth Rugby Age Banding

School & Youth Rugby Age Banding

Scottish Rugby recommends that male school and youth rugby is played in a maximum of two year age bandings.

For example, players in S1 can play with the S2 year group, but not with the S3/U15s or S2/U14s can play with U15s, but not with U16s . Where clubs or schools need to combine age groupings (e.g. S1 and S2), the lower age grade law variation (S1) should be applied.

Rugby Participation for Primary School Aged Children

It is the policy of Scottish Rugby that children can begin their introduction to training and playing contact rugby from the age that they enter their 4th year of primary school. Children of Primary 1 to 3 years of age should participate in non-contact versions of the game like tag rugby, focusing on the development of basic movement and coordination skills.

Further information on what to prioritise at each age and stage of a child and young person's development in rugby is available in Scottish Rugby's Long Term Development Strategy (LTPD).


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