Our commitment to disability rugby

Rugby : A Sport for All

It is our policy to ensure that barriers to participation in rugby - real or perceived - are removed. This is particularly the case for groups currently under represented in our game, and for those who traditionally may not have seen rugby as their sport of choice. We are committed to developing processes, practices and plans to ensure that rugby is open to all.

Players with a disability

We are committed to improving the opportunities for those with a disability to participate in rugby. Where possible we encourage the full integration of disabled athletes, administrators and supporters within the game. In addition our membership includes a range of more specialist clubs including:

  • The Caledonian Crushers,  a wheelchair rugby club.
  • The Clan, a club playing “unified rugby”- where players with a disability train and play in the same team as non-disabled players, promoting equality, diversity and social inclusion through participation in the game.
  • Scottish Deaf Rugby.

For a factsheet on Rugby for Disabled People in Scotland please click here.

Disability Clubs : Join Us

Scottish Rugby welcomes applications from disability groups which want to participate in rugby. If your group would like to join our membership please complete the application process.

News : iRB Sports Goggles Trial

The iRB has recently announced the trial use of sports goggles in rugby. Scottish Rugby has agreed to participate in the trial. Find out more on the trial from the iRB website.

Contact details

If you can't find the information you are looking for, or have a specific query on our commitment to disability, please contact Scottish Rugby’s Outreach and Equality Manager, Peter Young at peter.young@sru.org.uk or 07764178941.