Technical Blueprint: Developing Attack

Technical Blueprint: Developing Attack

This Developing Attack workshop will help coaches develop an understanding of the core principle of The Technical Blueprint.

By the end of the workshop, coaches will have a clearer picture of how to coach play through 9 & 10, transition and counter attack princples.

Coaches will also develop an understanding of how to maintain continuity into attack through effective breakdown skills (ABCD).

The workshop has been designed to take place over two separate nights to aid coach learning with the Technical Blueprint. Coaches must be available for both sessions in order to attend.


Course Outline

1. What does an effective attack look like at developing stage?

2. Coaching through small sided games

3. Counter attack principles / transition

4. Creating and attacking space - playing through, around or over

5. Play off  9 & 10

6. Keep ball in hand - offload, evasion, Principles of Play



Candidates must be a minimum of 16 years of age to attend


Application Procedures

The workshop is free to attend. To register, please select the 'BOOK NOW' link at your chosen venue to complete an online form. 


More workshops to be added at a later date.


For enquiries, please contact [email protected] 

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