UKCC Level 4

UKCC Level 4 (2018-20)

Course Fee = £1,500-£2,000 ex VAT (for coaches in Scotland). Fee is is dependant on sportscotland funding.

Applications are now CLOSED

UKCC Level 4 Information Pack - click here

This course provides an advanced programme of professional education within the UKCC framework and expectations, which will enable coaches to become visionary, outstanding and knowledgeable decision makers. Coaches involved in this course will impact significantly on the performance of their players and on the sport in general. Edinburgh Napier University will partner Scottish Rugby in the delivery of this qualification.

Course Aims

The UKCC Level 4 programmes is designed to provide successful coaches with:

  • In-depth knowledge in a breadth of domains
  • The ability to synthesise and integrate this knowledge in unpredictable and novel coaching situations
  • Well-developed analytical and intuitive decision-making skills supported and assessed in practice by support staff
  • Critical reflective skills and behaviours consistent with personal excellence and continued self-development
  • A deliberate, effective and ethical coaching practice that combines imaginative leadership with the fostering of individual responsibility

At the end of the programme, successful coaches will be able to:

  • Design, implement, adjust (regulate) and monitor systematic and integrated coaching systems and programmes that have a positive effect on individuals, units and teams’ performance.
  • Create the culture and environment and manage relationships that promote personal responsibility and enhance the effectiveness of individuals, units and teams (playing, coaching and support).
  • Accelerate the learning and development of players and support staff
  • Investigate, analyse, synthesise and critically evaluate coaching and performance knowledge in order to develop themselves, their players and their support staff.
  • Critically analyse and evaluate complex and unpredictable coaching situations, make informed decisions and critically reflect on their impact.
  • Employ continuous critical self-awareness and reflection and monitor its effect on their coaching practice.
  • Adapt interpersonal behaviours and interventions according to the needs of players and the context and appraise and monitor its effect.
  • Lead and manage change in rugby coaching programmes in an ethical and professional manner.

 Course Outline

The course is postgraduate in nature, with coaches on the course receiving academic credit, in the form of a Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip), for achieving the UKCC Level 4 in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University. The PGDip is the equivalent to 120 postgraduate academic credits, which equates to 2/3 of a Masters degree course. Coaches will have the opportunity to ‘top-up’ to a full Masters course should they wish to do so, at their own additional expense.


Assessments will take place throughout the UKCC level 4 course, by means of portfolio development, on-field observations, case study reports, presentations and subject specific assignments.

The final assessment will take the form of a Long Term Assignment (LTA), where coaches are tasked with identify one area of specialism, e.g. line out lifting, and carrying out an in-depth analysis to inform future coaching practice.


John Dalziel (Scotland 7s Head Coach)

"It really brings a lot of the things that you should consider as a head coach right to the surface and gives you really good inside knowledge of the best practise in these areas.”

“It’s not like any of the other courses that you can do in terms of technical and tactical stuff, it’s more of the in-depth physiological and psychological approaches to coaching so it’s been a huge benefit.”