Scottish Rugby policy on betting and anti-corruption

Betting and anti-corruption: our policy

1. The Scottish Rugby Union (Scottish Rugby) acknowledges that it is obliged to comply with those Regulations Relating to the Game issued from time to time by the International Rugby Board (IRB). 

2. Scottish Rugby recognises that the IRB has issued a specific Regulation in respect of Betting and Anti-Corruption (IRB Regulation 6). The Board of Scottish Rugby has adopted IRB Regulation 6 to the fullest possible extent as Scottish Rugby’s own domestic regulation in relation to betting and anti-corruption matters.

3. In relation to betting it is Scottish Rugby’s policy that:

3.1  Professional or semi-professional rugby: Everyone involved in any form of paid rugby (whether player, coach, team management member, admistrator or otherwise), together with their “connected persons” (as defined within the Regulation), is prohibited from betting on any aspect of any rugby union match or competition on a worldwide basis;

3.2 Amateur international rugby: Everyone involved with amateur international rugby (including the Scottish Women’s, Age Grade and Club International teams) is prohibited from betting on any match or competition in which their team is involved (irrespective of whether they have been selected for that match or whether the tournament match concerned involves the Scottish team or not);

3.3  Club and Grassroots Rugby: At levels of the game other than as noted above participants should not bet in relation to any aspect of any match with which they are involved.

4. Participants are reminded that the provisions of the Regulation extend beyond the act of betting and include other prohibited corrupt practices.

5. In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, Scottish Rugby’s Head of Regulation (or his nominee) will act as the Union’s Anti-Corruption Officer.

6. Participants and their Connected Parties are encouraged to contact the Anti-Corruption Officer if they are unclear as to any aspect of the Regulation.

7. Any disciplinary procedures arising under the Regulation shall be conducted by the Chairman of the Scottish Rugby Discipline Panel or his nominee.

8. Scottish Rugby has agreed to co-operate with the IRB and other relevant authorities to combat breaches of the Regulation.  This may include the sharing of intelligence and information relating to specific cases.