World Rugby Strength and Conditioning Level 1

This course is designed to provide beginner Strength and Conditioning coaches with a basic knowledge and understanding and a foundation of practical skills. This in turn will facilitate coaches to prepare players more thoroughly to play Rugby Union.

Course Cost: £50 / £200

Course Content

Within its six modules, the Level 1 course will address eight key topics:

• Long Term Player Development

• Pathway

• Functional screening

• Anatomical Adaptation

• Demands of the game

• Principles of training

• Speed and intermittent sprint endurance

• Periodisation

• Recovery

The Level 1 course will expand on the physical conditioning content in the Rugby Ready course. The topics addressed will seek to enhance the coach’s knowledge and understanding of Strength and Conditioning for the Rugby player. In particular, the course will introduce the coach to the Long Term Player Development Pathway in a practical manner. A simple yet informative Functional Screen will be outlined. The coach will then be introduced to the concept and practice of ‘Anatomical Adaptation’, or preparing the player to be fit to train, practice and play. This approach to physical conditioning emphasises a combination of stability, mobility and strength training activities while simultaneously engaging in Rugby-related activities.

The coach will study the physical demands of the game as well as the principles of training. These will allow the coach to integrate physical conditioning into a more game-related conditioning process. Practical guidelines for conducting the warm-up and cool-down will be discussed and described. Principles of the important component of speed development will be discussed. Practical examples of speed, multi-sprint/activity conditioning and conditioned games will be outlined.

Course Outcomes

• The coach will be able to describe the different stages of the Long Term Player Development Pathway.  

• The coach will be able to administer a basic functional screen.

• The coach will be able to implement an anatomical adaptation programme.

• The coach will have an understanding of the demands of the game and will be able to describe the principles of training. In addition, the coach will become familiar with warm-up and cool-down activities.

• The coach will have a knowledge and appreciation of the different methods of developing speed acceleration and game-related conditioning. The coach will also be able to implement speed, multi-sprint/activity and conditioned games to advance the match fitness of players.

• The coach will have an understanding of programme planning and periodisation. The coach will also develop an understanding of the importance of recovery and be able to implement key elements of recovery, such as unloading and tapering, within the programme.


Completion of online pre-requisites and full attendance required. This course is competence based and involves on-course appraisal. It involves both classroom and outdoor practical activities, where coaches will be expected to participate fully in all sessions. 

World Rugby Strength and Conditioning Level 1 Courses

Full instructions for applying to the World Rugby Strength & Conditioning Level 1 courses are found below.


Dates & Times


BT Murrayfield Stadium

Sunday 12th April: 9.00am-5.00pm 


Aberdeen Sports Village

Sunday 12th April: 9.00am-5.00pm 



Application Procedures

Applications must be submitted via Eventbrite - a new online registration system. Select the 'APPLY NOW' link on the venue you wish to attend, where this will take you to the Eventbrite online registration page. 


In conjunction with sportscotland, Scottish Rugby is able to subsidise the course cost for those coaches and teachers working within our member and associate clubs and schools to grow the game at a price of £50. If you do not coach with one of our member clubs and schools then you must pay the unsubsidised price of £200.

Payment must be made online via Scottish Rugby ticket office by debit/credit card. Coaches will receive full payment information once their application has been submitted to eventbrite. Payment must be made in advance, where the online ticket payment tailored specifically for each course, will close prior to the first day of a course taking place.

As a result of this new process, we will no longer be invoicing clubs/schools or requesting payment by cheque. Payment for up to 10 coaches at a time can be made via the Scottish Rugby ticket office should a club/school wish to pay for a number of coaches. Again this will have to be made via the ticket office by debit/credit card prior to the course taking place. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure payment is made on their behalf if their club/school will be covering the costs.

Our previous policy on refunds will remain in place, where they will not be offered should a candidate(s) withdraw prior to the start of the course. We will however endeavour to place them on an alternative course at a later date.


Candidates are required to be 16 years of age or over before they can be registered for qualification. They must also provide evidence of having completed the following:-

Recommended Prior Learning

You may also benefit from the World Rugby self-check assessments:


 Please contact Claire Scott, Coach Development Administrator (Email:  Tel:0131 346 5167; 07773 082924) should you have any questions.

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