Annual General Meeting

Scottish Rugby's 2021 AGM will now be held on Sunday 26th September 2021. Please see the update below from Scottish Rugby President, Ian Barr. Due to the continuing Covid19 restrictions, the position on how the Meeting might best be conducted remains under consideration. Further detail on the Meeting is provided below.

Agenda and Meeting Papers

The Agenda for the Meeting and other relevant papers will be posted here in due course.

  • AGM Update 2021 - 28 July 2021

    AGM 2021 Update from Scottish Rugby President, Ian Barr:

    In light of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, and the infection rates throughout Scotland, the Council and Board have been carefully considering how the 2021 AGM should be held. As President, I am acutely aware that due to the intended business of the Meeting, an in person meeting would be preferable to allow full discussion and debate on the Accounts, the Motions and the Amendments.

    However, this has to be balanced against our responsibility not to put our members and others attending at any greater risk than they otherwise would be. Accordingly, after consultation with the Council, I sought medical advice from Scottish Rugby’s Chief Medical Officer who is of the view that we should look to conduct the AGM by another method. I, and the Council and Board, believe that by holding the AGM in person on the initially considered date in August we would still be placing our members at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 even with a recently improving national picture.

    In trying to find a suitable compromise, I (as President and Chair of the AGM) will therefore call the Union’s AGM virtually on the previously earmarked date of 14 August. The Meeting (whether quorate or not) will then be adjourned and is intended to then be held in person on 26 September 2021. We are hopeful that both restrictions and infection rates at this rescheduled date will allow for a safer staging of the AGM and will allow all business to be fully considered and debated.

    The formal notice calling the Meeting, together with details of the business to be conducted will be circulated to members shortly. All supporting documentation including the Accounts and my update on the Governance Review will be made available to members at the originally scheduled time in August which should allow members sufficient time to consider the information ahead of the in person AGM in September.

    Although it would be everyone’s preference to host the AGM in person on its traditional calendar slot in August, I hope this decision offers members a satisfactory compromise which will allow for sufficient discussion and debate to take place at a time that is more safe to do so.

Vacancies on the Scottish Rugby Council

Each year a number of vacancies arise on the Scottish Rugby Council. The vacancies this year were as follows:

- Edinburgh Regional League Representative: Murdo Gillanders (Lismore RFC) was re-elected;

- Scottish Borders Regional League Representative: Alastair Forsyth (Earlston RFC) was re-elected;

- Midlands Regional League Representative: Hazel Swankie (Dunfermline RFC) was re-elected; and

- North Regional League Representative: Bob Richmond (Mackie Academy FP RFC) was re-elected.

Full Membership Applications

No Full Membership Applications were received in respect of the 2021 AGM.

Draft Minutes

Draft Minutes of the 2020 AGM

The draft Minutes of the 2020 AGM are available below.

Draft SGM Minutes

The draft Minutes of the 2020 SGM are available below:

If you have any comments on any of the draft Minutes please submit them to Scottish Rugby's Head of Regulation, Graham Ireland ([email protected]).

Letters to Member Clubs

The following AGM correspondence has been issued to member clubs:

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