Annual General Meeting

Scottish Rugby AGM 2019

Scottish Rugby's 2019 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 10th August 2019.

AGM Delegate Download Pack

In order to attend the Scottish Rugby AGM delegates will require an Admission Card. The Admission Cards were posted to the Secretary of each Full Member club and other invited delegates on Tuesday 23 July 2019. Please remember to bring your Admission Card with you if you are attending the AGM.

Delegates are invited to download the following AGM Papers:

Annual Report

Scottish Rugby's 2018/19 Annual Report, which includes the 2019 Financial Statements, can be downloaded here.

Letters to Member Clubs

The following AGM correspondence has been issued to member clubs:

Full Membership Applications

An application for Full Membership of the SRU has been received from Banff RFC. Approval will be sought for the application as part of the business to be considered at the AGM.

Vacancies on the Scottish Rugby Council

Each year a number of vacancies arise on the Scottish Rugby Council. The role description in respect of a Council Representative is as follows:

The vacancies this year were as follows (5): Premiership Representative, Glasgow North Regional League Representative, Referees (SRRA) Representative, Schools Division Representative and Women’s Forum Representative.

In this regard:

- Gordon Thomson (Aberdeen Grammar Rugby) has been elected to serve as the Premiership Representative on Council;

- Willie Gardner (Uddingston RFC) has been re-elected as Glasgow North Regional League Representative on Council.

- Kenneth Knott (Highland Rugby Referees Society) has been re-elected as the SRRA Representative on Council;

- Jonathan Anderson (Merchiston Castle School) has been elected as the School's Division Representative on Council; and

- Rosy Hume (Heriot's Rugby Club) has been re-elected as Scottish Women's Forum Representative on Council.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

Approval will be sought for the Minutes of the 2018 AGM and the SGM of the Union held during March 2019. The draft Minutes of these Meetings are available below:

The draft 2018 AGM Minutes were updated on 22 July to reflect comments received.

The draft 2019 SGM Minute was updated on 7 August to reflect comments received. The change was on page 2, paragraph 4 where "The data disclosed no consistent majority view so, inevitably, the recommendations would not please everyone." was changed to read "The data disclosed no majority view (i.e. >50%) on the placement of Club XVs so, inevitably, the recommendations would not please everyone."

If you have any further comments on the draft Minutes please submit them to Scottish Rugby's Head of Regulation, Graham Ireland ([email protected]) as soon as possible.

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