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The Scottish Rugby Board and Council oversee the governance of rugby in Scotland, supported by the senior management and their departments.

Scottish Rugby Board

The Scottish Rugby Board is responsible for the ongoing management and operations of Scottish Rugby under powers delegated to it under the Bye-Laws. Its members also serve as the Board of Scottish Rugby Union Limited, comprising four independent non-executive Directors, four non-executive Directors nominated by the Scottish Rugby Council (one of the four being the President in his capacity as Chairman of the Council), and four executive Directors. The Vice-President is also entitled to attend Board meetings as an observer but is not entitled to vote.

Executive Directors serve under the terms of their employment or service contracts. The independent non-executive Directors are appointed for terms of three years and would normally be expected to serve for a minimum of two terms. Appointment of the independent non-executive Directors is by the Board, on the recommendation of the Nomination Committee. The Council nominated non-executive Directors are appointed, or re-appointed as the case may be, by the Council after the AGM, when vacancies arise. Their terms in office vary.

Scottish Rugby Council

The Council’s responsibilities include reviewing the operational activity delegated to the Board, developing and fostering the game of rugby in Scotland, reviewing and advising on matters of policy and strategy and developing relationships within the game at both domestic and international levels. Council members support the various age grade and women’s national teams in an ambassadorial capacity.

In Season 2017/18 the Council met nine times, including quarterly reviews, a joint briefing session with the Board and additional briefing meetings. Various working groups took place throughout the year, including season structure and governance reviews.

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