Return to Rugby | Guidelines for Clubs and Schools

Return to Rugby | Guidelines for Clubs and Schools

Scottish Rugby will continue to provide Return to Rugby updates and guidelines for clubs and schools in Scotland. This area of the website will reflect updates and the latest guidelines when information released.

Return to Rugby

Levels Framework for Clubs and Schools

A new framework consisting of 5 levels (0-4) has been unveiled by Scottish Rugby.

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Return to Rugby Update (Clubs and Schools) – Friday 8 January

On 5 January 2021 mainland Scotland moved from Level 4 to a temporary lockdown, with new guidance to stay at home except for essential purposes. The Scottish Government temporary lockdown restrictions apply to all mainland areas, including Skye. Some island areas remain in Scottish Government Level 3.

Following consultation and approval from the Scottish Government, Scottish Rugby has produced guidance to support tackling the spread of Covid-19 and advice on what rugby activity is permitted.

At this time, we would encourage everyone to stay at home as much as possible and maintain daily, outdoor physical activity within the Scottish Government temporary lockdown guidance of no more than two people from two households.

In line with Scottish Government guidance all group rugby activity must stop for people aged 12 and above. Individual, physically distanced, outdoor exercise can continue with no more than two people per 1/4 pitch. Equipment sharing (inc. balls) is not permitted.

Following Scottish Government guidance, children under the age of 12 living under the temporary lockdown restrictions are permitted to participate in physically distanced group activity in groups of up to 15 people, including two coaches. It has been approved that up to two coaches may be present for safeguarding purposes, which is deemed essential for this activity to go ahead. Balls may be used and shared as long as strict hand hygiene and ball cleaning is followed.

Island areas which remain in Scottish Government Level 3 and can continue rugby activity with the Scottish Rugby Return to Rugby Level 3 guidance.

Participants, of all ages, living under the temporary lockdown restrictions cannot travel out of their local authority area to take part in rugby activity.

Scottish Rugby recommends that clubs consult with players, volunteers, parents and careers regarding whether club activities - on and off pitch - should continue or cease until government restrictions are eased.

Clubs who choose to continue any activity under the new restrictions should ensure that all activities are fully risk assessed, and mitigating actions are in place. Particular attention should be paid to the movement of people within the facilities, ensuring that people do not congregate or mix indoors. At all times strict hygiene procedures should be in place for anyone involved in club activities, and physical distancing must be maintained at all times.

Scottish Rugby will continue to review the Return to Rugby guidance in line with updates from the Scottish Government.

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Return to Rugby Update (Clubs and Schools) – Monday 2 November

To best tackle the virus, and protect people, the Scottish Government has moved to a strategic approach to outbreak management based on five graduated levels of protection. While retaining some flexibility, the new Scottish Government approach will provide a more transparent and easily understood framework for managing outbreaks and allow rapid but proportionate responses to be taken – locally or nationally – using a range of measures and options.

The five protection levels consist of four levels above the Scottish Government Route Map Phase 3 baseline (or ‘Level 0’). They are designed to achieve progressively stronger effects in suppressing the virus. It is possible to move up and down within the new strategic framework. Full details of the Scottish Government Strategic Approach can be found here. The Scottish Government, local authorities and NHS Health boards will keep the measures under regular review.

In line with this new approach, Scottish Rugby has today unveiled a new Return to Rugby Levels Framework which provides detail on what is and is not permitted at each level. The new guidance comes into play as of 6am on Monday 2 November with full details available here. The new Return to Rugby Levels Framework replaces the Return to Rugby Roadmap document.

Clubs and schools may need to limit their activities (on and off field) in line with each level and all are advised to consult with the local authority in which their facilities are located should they be in any doubt.

To find out what COVID Protection Level your local authority is in, please click here.

Return to Rugby Update (Clubs and Schools) – Thursday 5 November

To align with recently updated Scottish Government policy, as of Thursday 5 November adults in Level 3 areas are now only permitted to undertake physically distanced individual training. This is a change to the guidance originally issued on Monday 2 November.

Further details of these changes and updated travel guidance can be found here.

If you are unsure about which level of the Scottish Government’s strategic framework your local authority is in, please use the Scottish Government postcode tracker, here.

Full details of the Scottish Government Strategic Framework and Approach can be found here.

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