Club Sustainability Award & MOS

Club Sustainability Award & MOS

In 2018, Scottish Rugby introduced Club Minimum Standards (MOS) and the Club Sustainability Award (CSA) to support the delivery of Agenda 3.

The funding for the MOS and CSA represents part of the investment that clubs receive – replacing the participation and sustainability elements previously contained in the Club Participation Agreement.

The other funding elements such as travel, player insurance, club development officer and referee expenses continue as before.

The change was made to help clubs develop in sustainable ways by:

  • Introducing needs-based funding. If your club is doing more to develop rugby opportunities in your local community, you need more support.
  • Setting clear, defined levels - through bronze, silver and gold criteria - for clubs to achieve and providing incentives to reach these.
  • Separating the non-negotiables (MOS) and the negotiables (CSA).

All clubs will continue to receive support if they meet the Minimum Operating Standards. One of the intentions with the MOS and CSA is to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, limiting the bureaucracy. We appreciate your time as volunteers in clubs is limited and we don’t want to divert your attention away from running your clubs.

Minimum Operating Standards

Minimum Operating Standards for season 2019/20 are now available – please note, there is one document this year which covers all clubs.

Once you have read through the contents, please return the signed acceptance form to [email protected] no later than 9 August 2019.

Please note – all clubs wishing to benefit from MOS funding are required to submit the signed acceptance form by the deadline above. All clubs with existing CSA funding or making a new application are also required to return this as the Minimum Operating Standards are applicable to all clubs.

Club Sustainability Award

Applications are now open for clubs who had not previously applied for the Club Sustainability Award. Clubs interested in applying are asked to submit their application form to [email protected] by 31 August 2019.

Help is at hand - there is significant support through your Regional Manager to help and guide you through this process. In addition, there are Rugby Development staff and resources available in all of the CSA areas – women and girls, coaching, youth development and match officials - to help further develop your club and achieve the targets that you aim for over the next two years.

The following documents will provide you with further information on the Club Sustainability Award, as well as a user-friendly application form.

Agenda 3

The original Agenda 3 document, from June 2018 is available below for reference.

Tennent's Sponsorship in club programmes

For all clubs participating in the Tennent’s Leagues (Premiership, Women’s Premier League, Men’s and Women’s National and Regional Leagues), any match programmes produced must include a full-page advert for Tennent’s, and the Scottish Rugby logo displayed in a prominent position. The new Tennent’s advert can be viewed and downloaded for use below.

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