Recognition Awards

Scottish Rugby's Community Recognition Awards focus on the off-field efforts of clubs and schools across all five regions of Scotland over the course of the last year.

In the 2019/20 season, the Scottish Rugby annual awards structure was revamped and renamed the ‘Rugby Development Awards’, however in-light of the domestic league coming to a halt as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s awards will follow a new one-off format, under the title ‘Community Recognition Awards’.

Scottish Rugby’s Community Recognition Awards aim to highlight and give credit to the exceptional contributions individuals and groups have made to their local community, charities and club in the last year.

The new format included six award categories, which were awarded in each of the five regions – Caledonia Midlands, Caledonia North, East, Glasgow North and Glasgow South.

Award Categories

Community Champion Award brought to you by SP Energy Networks, which recognises an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to their community.

Young Person’s Award brought to you by Mitsubishi Motors, crediting the efforts of a young individual or group (aged 16-26 years old) who have made a positive contribution to their club, school or local community, or have inspired others through positive social action.

Charity Fundraiser Award brought to you by Tennent’s will be presented to an individual or group of volunteers over the age of 18 who have made a significant impact through fundraising.

Inspiration Award brought to you by Tennent’s, recognising individuals and groups over the age of 18 who have achieved extraordinary things through their efforts and determination.

Lifetime Achievement Award brought to you by Tennent’s, which acknowledges a person or group over the age of 18 whose lifetime of dedicated service has provide a significant contribution in support of their club and community.

Scottish Rugby Diversity & Inclusion Award which credits a person or group working tirelessly to promote equality, diversity and inclusion or challenge prejudice and discrimination.

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