Growth & Participation Fund

Growth & Participation Fund

​Scottish Rugby has now launched a £1M funding package to stimulate Growth and Participation in the club and schools’ game. The funding stream has been established from the £6.5M Scottish Government funding announced in April last year.

The Growth and Participation fund will see £5M injected directly into the domestic game over the next five years to support sustainable improvements in player numbers.

A £1M package will be available each year, and is split into two distinct strands; Major Capital Investment (£500K) and Growing the Game (£500K).

The funding is linked directly to Scottish Rugby’s Strategy and will embrace our strategic priorities Wellbeing, Winning and Women and the following drivers:

Rugby Performance - Achieving sustainable and ever improving progress on the field.
Financial Performance - Ensure a solid and sustainable foundation, a focus on commercial and financial performance.
Transformation - Acting with a mindset of transformation in our leadership, engagement, communication, and approach to a post pandemic future.
People - Creating a working and playing environment that encourages all our people to perform at their best.

If your club is successful, you will receive a grant agreement, stating the purpose of the grant which will contain our terms and conditions, along with monitoring and evaluation requirements.

Your grant is intended specifically for what you’ve applied for, and any proposed changes should be discussed with us in advance, with any invoices/receipts kept as evidence of expenditure.

This fund is supported by Scottish Government, therefore all payments will be subject to Scottish Government review and monitoring processes including freedom of information requests.

Major Capital Investment 

  • Introduction

    The Major Capital Investment strand is designed to support clubs with developments to their physical infrastructure including the purchase, upgrade or construction of an asset.

    This financial support programme is a £500K fund, which will award up to £250K for one or two capital investment projects per year over the five-year lifespan of the Growth and Participation Fund. This means up to 10 projects across Scotland could receive up to £250K* for facility development.

    There is a 2 stage application process for this fund as outlined below:

    Stage 1 – Expression of interest submitted online using the link in the Criteria and Guidance notes below. This should be submitted no later than 8pm on 30 April 2022 with the supporting documents emailed to [email protected]. Any applications submitted after this time or via any other means, will not be processed. Club must engage with their Regional Manager prior to submitting.

    Stage 2 – If successful from the Expression of Interest, your club will be invited to provide a detailed Project Development Proposal by 30 June 2022 and be invited to present the project to our panel in July/August. If your application is unsuccessful at either stage, relevant projects will be signposted to alternative investment streams where appropriate.

    *Scottish Rugby reserve the right to change the number and value of awards in any year based on the suitability or lack of application in any year.

  • Criteria and Guidance notes

    Click HERE to download the Criteria and Guidance notes for this fund.

  • Major Capital Investment FAQ document

    Do you have a question about the Major Capital Investment fund? Click HERE to download our FAQ document.

Growing the Game

  • Introduction

    Aligning itself with Scottish Rugby’s strategic priorities, ‘Women, Wellbeing and Winning’, the Growing the Game strand forms three sub-categories of funding with the aim of supporting sustained growth and development of the community game, with a focus on inclusion and diversity.

    There are three distinct categories in the Growing the Game strand of this financial package: Women and Girls’ rugby, Development Environments and State School rugby.

    Club and schools are now invited to apply for funding - up to £5,000 and £10,000 - to run a project during the 2022/23 season aligned to one of the sub-categories.

    Please note that clubs may only apply to ONE of the three funds.

    Applications will close on 31 March 2022 with successful applicants being informed in May 2022. Investment will be paid from June 2022 on completion of the project and evidence of costs. All claims must be completed by May 2023.

  • Women’s and Girls’ Rugby Fund: Criteria and Guidance notes

    This fund will support the development of the Women’s & Girls’ game. Projects considered for this fund should support the development of female volunteers, coaches and match officials as well as those coaches, match officials and volunteers involved in the delivery of the female game. Clubs can apply for up to £5,000 for a project from this fund.

    Click HERE to download the Criteria and Guidance notes for this fund.

  • Development Environments Fund: Criterial and Guidance notes

    This fund will support clubs to improve development environments for players, coaches, volunteers, staff and match officials. The aim of this fund is to create and develop world class environments for clubs to grow and sustain players, harness a workforce and develop volunteers. Clubs can apply for up to £5,000 for a project to improve development environments.

    Click HERE to download the Criteria and Guidance notes for this fund.

  • State School Rugby Fund: Criteria and Guidance notes

    This fund will help create more opportunities for boys and girls within state schools to participate in rugby by developing accessible models of support with targeted investment within our regions. Clubs and schools can apply in partnership for either £5,000, £7,500 or £10,000 for a project to increase opportunities for boys and girls within state schools.

    Click HERE to download the Criteria and Guidance notes for this fund.

If you require any further support with your application, please contact your Regional Manager or email [email protected]

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