Girls AGLV Workshop

Girls AGLV Workshop

There are two themes for the workshops, one based around the U12/U14 AGLVs and the other around U16/U18 AGLVs.

This season signals a move to 2 year age bandings for the girls game in Scotland and subsequently the introduction of Age Grade Law Variations Trials at U12, U14, U16 and U18 which look to encourage skill development in alignment with the Technical Blueprint for Scotland.

Coaches of the girls game are invited to attend one of the practical workshops where they will have the opportunity to experience the new laws in action and to also to see games and activities which can be used to prepare players for the game, focusing in particularly on the tackle, breakdown and passing.


The Girls AGLV workshop will last approximately 90 minutes and is for coaches of the girls game.


This workshop is FREE to attend


Keep an eye out on this page for upcoming course dates.

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