P6 & P7 AGLV Workshop

P6 & P7 AGLV Workshop

Course Outline:

The session will look at management of these during games and also highlight coaching practice to develop players at the correct age and stage. This is suitable for coaches of primary 6 & 7.

• AGLVs of the breakdown.

• Identifying laws affecting management of the breakdown

• Understand key factors in managing the breakdown (fair contest for ball)

• Management (verbal) of the breakdown (promoting good play)

• Areas to coach at breakdown, hierarchy of contact focuses.

• Re-cap of tackle safety and how to manage during games.

• Practical delivery of effective breakdown through games.

• Introduction of kicking and fending into games.


The P6 & P7 AGLV workshop will last approximately 90 minutes and involves practical.


This workshop is FREE to attend.


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