​Preparing your players for rugby webinars: Supported by iPro

​Preparing your players for rugby webinars: Supported by iPro

Scottish Rugby, supported by iPro, are hosting three webinars throughout July and August to support clubs and schools to prepare their players ahead of the new season.

The webinars are free of charge and will last approximately 45 minutes, including a Q&A. The target audience for these webinars are youth and adult coaches, especially those clubs/schools without a dedicated S&C coach.

FOSROC Scottish Rugby Academy Strength & Conditioning coaches Rob Anderson and Jared Deacon, alongside Coach Development Officer, Kenny Russell, will lead the webinars which will also be recorded and placed on Hive Learning.

Webinar 1 - 25 July from 7pm - Guiding S&C Principles

This webinar will focus on some myth busting about S&C and look to introduce the principle of why we should include better movement patterns into all our sessions.

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Webinar 2 - 1 August from 7pm - Movement First

This webinar will focus on how good foundational movement patterns can help contribute to a more robust player, injury prevention and rugby performance.

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Webinar 3 - 8 August from 7pm - Integrating Movement

This webinar will focus on how you as coaches can integrate foundational movements into your session whether during a structured warm up or as part of your rugby session, we will also introduce some next steps that you as a coach can look forward to seeing soon.

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