Technical Blueprint: Defence Workshop

Technical Blueprint: Defence Workshop

The Defence workshop will help coaches develop an understanding of the core principle of the Technical Blueprint.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, coaches will have a clearer picture of how to coach the individual tackle, and develop the key principles of filling the field, line speed and resetting the defensive line.

Course Outline

1. What does an effective defence look like (S1-U16)?

2. Developing individual tackle technique

3. Fill the field and reset the defensive line

4. Role of the 'Back 3'

The Technical Blueprint: Defence Workshop will last approximately 2 hours and could include a combination of indoor and outdoor activities, so please dress appropriately for both types of sessions.

Registration for this workshop is FREE

Our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Workshops are organised by approved coaching centres and delivered by Scottish Rugby accredited Coach Educators.

Date and Time Location
Wednesday 29 January (6.30pm - 9pm)

Greenock Wanderers RFC

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