Technical Blueprint: Effective Coaching Principles Workshop

Technical Blueprint: Effective Coaching Principles Workshop

This CPD will look to bring the 6 effective coaching principles from the Technical Blueprint to life.

Course Outline

We will engage in discussion and share ideas around each principle to refine your coaching practice with the aim to increase the effectiveness for our players. We will focus on the environment and coaching processes and approaches. In the practical we will demonstrate how these principles can be used on the field.

The 6 effective coaching principles are:

• Principle 1 – Creating a positive learning environment (Effort – Learning - Mistakes)

• Principle 2 – Using game-related practice to develop skills and decision making (Planning Game related practice)

• Principle 3 – Promoting adaptive play (Developing decision makers)

• Principle 4 – Mastery Coaching approach (Process over Outcome)

• Principle 5 – Long term player development focus (Individualisation)

• Principle 6 – Use of appropriate coaching styles (Varied delivery styles)


The Technical Blueprint Effective Coaching Principles workshop will last approximately 90 minutes and may involve practical.


This workshop is FREE to attend

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