Technical Blueprint

The Technical Blueprint provides direction for all coach, player and match official development programmes at Scottish Rugby - The Scottish Way

Access the resource via Hive Learning.


  1. To develop a quality game by improving the technical and tactical rugby knowledge of players, coaches and match officials throughout all stages of the player pathway.
  2. To provide consistent messages throughout the Scottish Rugby player, coach, match official and education pathways.
  3. To provide a reference point for Coach Development and Talent ID throughout the player pathway.

The technical blueprint is not designed to restrict coach or player innovation, and instead aims to develop adaptive play and coaching.

It aims to provide a consistent level of technical understanding across the game and will be useful to coaches looking to become more effective, players seeing a deeper understanding of the game, as well as for match officials in understanding technical and tactical play.

Why has the Technical Blueprint been developed?

Current lack of a consistent approach to the technical and tactical development of rugby in Scotland (grass roots – performance development).

A set of core ‘principles’, that are well coached, will aid the acceleration of player and team development – maximising time on task.

Technical Blueprint Resource

A PDF Document of the resource is available to download as well as pages showcasing a series of videos on the four key areas of:

  • Attack
  • Breakdown
  • Defence
  • Set Piece

The resource can be accessed via Hive Learning in the Coach Development ‘Group’.

Coaches with an existing account can view the resource here

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