Tartan Touch

Tartan Touch

Tartan Touch

What is Tartan Touch?

Tartan Touch is Scottish Rugby’s Fun, Simple and Social version of non-contact rugby. It’s a game for all abilities and all ages played throughout the Summer months. In the past two seasons, hubs have welcomed players aged 5 to 75 years old from having never played rugby to retired players!

What are the rules?

AIM: Touch the ball down over opponent’s goal line. To do this, keep possession by avoiding being touched.



Touched 6 times

Ball leaves the pitch

Ball passed forward, dropped forward, or kicked forward

Foul play by team in possession

Offload within 2 steps or 2 seconds - No offside from the offload

Place ball on ground - Offside line created

Must be passed away by touched player or a teammate

Where to Play?

Due to the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, this year, clubs can run a Tartan Touch programme without going through the usual application process to become a Tartan Touch hub. Scottish Rugby will be unable to provide clubs with the usual resources, marketing support and branded kit for the 2021 season, however we would like to encourage and support clubs to use Tartan Touch as an alternative game format to help welcome people back into the club after an unprecedented year. Please note, it is essential that sessions adhere to the Scottish Government guidance in place at that time.

If you would like to run Tartan Touch at your club this season, the only requirement is that you please notify us at [email protected] with the name and email address of the lead contact for Tartan Touch at your club.

To find out more, click HERE and read our Tartan Touch Operational Guide.

Get in Touch

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If you have any queries, please email [email protected]

Last season, Tartan Touch welcomed 176 school pupils to play alongside the Scotland National Team at Highland RFC! Thanks to everyone who made it a great event #AsOne #TartanTouch

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