Equality Commitment

Equality in Sport

The Equality Standard: A Framework for Sport was launched by the UK Sports Councils to address inequality within the sports sector. Scottish Rugby was awarded the Foundation Level under this Standard in 2007, the Preliminary Level in 2009 and the Intermediate Level in July 2014.

Rugby: A Sport for All

It is our policy to ensure that barriers to participation in rugby - real or perceived - are removed. This is particularly the case for groups currently under represented in our game, and for those who traditionally may not have seen rugby as their sport of choice. We are committed to developing processes, practices and plans to ensure that rugby is open to all.

Scottish Rugby’s Equality Action Plan

We recognise that the achievement of Scottish Rugby's goals can only take place against a background of inclusiveness. Building on the successes of our earlier Equity Plan, Scottish Rugby’s Equality Action Plan 2017-2020 focusses on six key goals:

  • Improving research into under-represented groups, and understanding the issues and barriers faced by those groups;
  • Developing and implementing practices to increase access for under-represented groups;
  • Raising awareness and understanding of equality by all involved in Scottish Rugby through recruitment, training and education;
  • Improving the communication and marketing of equality issues and equality within Scottish Rugby;
  • Setting accountability for equality at the highest levels within Scottish Rugby; and
  • Embedding equality within the Scottish Rugby strategic planning process.

As part of our Equality Action Plan, Scottish Rugby has committed itself to providing regular updates as to the progress we are making towards the targets set out within the Plan. To see our latest updated on this:

More information

Further information on Equality within sport can be found at sportscotland’s website.

Scottish Rugby signs LGBT Sports Charter,read full story here.

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