Race, Religion and Belief

​Ethnic and Religious Minorities - our commitment to equality

Rugby, a sport for all

It is our policy to ensure that barriers to participation in rugby - real or perceived - are removed. This is particularly the case for groups currently under represented in our game, and for those who traditionally may not have seen rugby as their sport of choice. We are committed to developing processes, practices and plans to ensure that rugby is open to all.

Scottish Rugby’s vision for our game is that it is representative of the communities it serves. We are working with BEMIS, the national Ethnic Minorities umbrella body, to widen our engagement with Scotland’s ethnic and religious minority communities.

Scottish Rugby welcomes approaches from ethnic or religious minority groups and we are very happy to arrange an introduction to the rugby for your community.

We would also be very happy to hear from groups which would like to formally join Scottish Rugby as a member club. If your group would like to join our membership please complete the application process.

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