Junior Supporters connecting with Huw Jones

Junior Supporters connecting with Huw Jones

With the support of our Principal Partner BT, our Junior Supporters Club members, Amy, Aaron, Phoebe and Matilda got the chance to connect with camp and meet Scotland and Glasgow Warriors player Huw Jones last week.

How do you prepare for a game-on-game day? Amy, Age 14

Depending on what time the game is, if it is a late kick-off, I will try sleep in as long as I can to get rest in, but if it's an early kick-off, we normally have to get up early.

With Scotland we usually have a walk through in the morning and walk-through plays then we have our pre-match meal which is usually pasta or carbohydrates of some sort and then onto the bus to the game. It is usually quite relaxed as I want to save as much energy as I can for the game.

Who is your inspiration within the rugby world? Aaron, Age 12

That’s a tough one, when I was growing up I had rugby heroes and favourite players, my favourite Scotland player was Chris Paterson who is now our coach but right now I would say I take inspiration from my team mates, it's always good to keep learning to better yourself.

How do you spend your time outside of rugby? Amy, Age 14

I have a dog, so I spend a lot of time with him taking him on walks. I also play the PlayStation like the other boys and I also quite like to read and watch TV series.

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? Phoebe, Age 8

I have a puppy, so I think I would be a dog so I was able to talk to other dogs. I think it would be great down at the park to be able to see what they are all thinking. I would love for my dog to be able to talk to me because sometimes he barks and I don’t know what he is thinking.

Do you have a favourite board game? Matilda, Age 6

I love playing Monopoly, that is my favourite board game although in my family it sometimes turns into an argument.

Who is your favourite superhero? Phoebe, Age 8

I think my favourite superhero is Thor from the Avengers.

How many hours do you train a week? Amy, Age 14

So on a match week we train about an hour on the field and an hour in the gym during the day however we do get days off and then we have lots of meetings and run throughs closer to the game. We spend a lot of time at training and in meetings where we talk about rugby, but we don’t spend as much time on the field as you would think because you want to save as much energy as you can for a match day.

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