Emma Wassell Q&A

Emma Wassell Q&A

Find out more about Scotland forward Emma Wassell in our Q&A below.

Where and when did you start playing rugby?

Ellon, when I was in 4th year of school - I think I was 15!

What was your first rugby memory?

Got to be my first training session at the Ellon meadows - I was absolutely clueless, but never looked back.

What motivates you?

Making the people who have helped me along the way proud and getting the best out of myself.

Tell us about getting your first Scotland cap

It was our 2014 Women’s Six Nations game against Ireland. I got on for the last 20 minutes and I got a pretty bad nose bleed almost as soon as I came on! The whole thing is just a bit of a blur.

What is the most memorable match you have played in and why?

Most memorable match has to be my first win in a Scotland jersey, when that final whistle went I cannot even describe that emotion.

Who is your favourite Scotland player to be on the pitch with?

I’ve played and still play with the most incredible players, but if I had to pick one right now it’s got to be Sarah Bonar. We help each other out a lot both on and off the pitch, and never take ourselves too seriously!

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start playing rugby?

I think if you even have the slightest curiosity about playing, it would be to just give it a go!! Even if you decide you don’t enjoy the rugby you will definitely meet some of the best people!

What are the characteristics of a Scotland player on the pitch?

Brave and passionate who work hard for each other!

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