Fuelling Scottish Rugby in the Autumn Nations Cup

Fuelling Scottish Rugby in the Autumn Nations Cup

Scottish Rugby partnered with Grenade over the Autumn Nations Cup as 'Official Supplement Partner'. This partnership saw the Scotland team provided with Grenade's range of supplements to enhance post-match recovery and support refuelling after training sessions.

Tom Coughlin, Performance Nutritionist tells us about the products and the strategies of using these within the Scotland camp:

"In an elite sport environment time is a really valuable commodity to anyone that works there so as Grenade have a number of products in a ready to eat or ready to drink format that saves me a massive amount of time in my role and that means I can reinvest that time in other really important areas"

On the importance of taste when choosing a suplement partner, Tom added:

"A lot of companies don't understand one of if not the most important aspect of supplement design which is taste.

"If you want an athlete to be invested in a strategy to a point where they are going to build good habits it really helps to have a product that tastes brilliant that is something Grenade absolutely nails.

"When I have players coming up to the refuel table with big smiles on their faces or they are looking forward to refuelling whether it's during gym or travel, I know that we are in a really good place and that is what Grenade delivers."

Scottish Rugby only uses supplements that are batch-tested for WADA banned substances. This ensures that supplements are safe for athletes to consume. Scottish Rugby advises athletes to speak to a qualified SENr Nutritionist or dietician before taking any supplement.

To fuel like the Scotland Team head to grenade.com and get 40% off across the store in December using the code GRE40-SRU. If you are a competitive athlete, please ensure you choose informed sport tested products.

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